Pro-Bono Logo – Tarot Synthesis

A nice lady approached me recently saying she needed a logo for her Tarot Reading company but she couldn’t afford to pay me. Her budget was super-low (which is often the case) and you could tell by the DIY aesthetics of her website that she’s been working very hard by herself to get this thing off the ground. I liked the idea of working on something as unique as a tarot reading company so I broke down and said yes. I would love to get compensated for my work but it also feels good to help someone out. In the end I just like to create things.

I decided to go with a simple and classy look for this logo. Most of the local tarot reading companies in town had cheesy Papyrus-style stype mixed with weird spirals and symbolism; I wanted to differentiate my logo from theirs without going over-the-top. I utilized H&FJ’s Requiem face (one of my favorite font purchases) for it’s classy and elegant feel.