New Posters: Influenced By Words

Words can have a profound effect on our way of thinking. If used properly, words can shift opinions and convey ideas. Writers having been sharing knowledge through the written language, song and art for thousands of years. Great books can still inspire thought and imagination thousands of years after the writers death.

I have been inspired by many great writers and wordsmiths throughout my life and I wanted to honor their knowledge by making some posters. So I’ve dedicated a wall to the literary and musical influences in my life.

a use for the ‘ex’ unit value in css

Combining images with text in a cohesive manner requires planning and problem solving and is a necessity in graphic design. Most designers prefer to see an optical alignment between the tops of images and the tops of blocks of text. It gets even sexier when the top of the image is aligned with the x-height of the top line of text in the text block. This gives a better visual and optical alignment.

In the example paragraph below, I’ve merely applied the severely under-used ex unit value to the positioning of the image. The result is the perfect optical alignment with the top of the paragraph it lives in.