Comic Sans Poster – An Experiment of the Uninspired.

The font Comic Sans is like kryptonite to a graphic designer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. If your goal is to portray a complete lack of inspiration you might as well use the least inspirational and most hated fonts of all time. In this case, it’s about showing what happens when British Columbia’s arts funding gets cut substantially leaving it the poorest funded province per capita in all of Canada. It leaves the artist un-inspired; thus the work un-inspiring.

Making Things Look Cool #2

I found these old boardgames in my parents basement. I liked the designs on them and thought that I could breathe new life into them by displaying them on the wall. The retro designs inspire the funk in me.

Making Things Look Cool #1

One thing I don’t lack is books. One thing I DO lack is space. I was recently forced — by my overflowing bookshelf — to start placing books on my precious desk surface area. Since some of my books are large format art books it was next to impossible to keep them from falling over. What I needed was some book-ends.

I first tried using an old Buddha statue and my lava lamp ( my folks were hippies) however as soon as my books started to tip everything just slid off my desk onto the floor. Poor Buddha sustained minor injuries. What I needed was something that will stick to the surface of the desk while being tall and sturdy. That’s when I came up with the bright idea of using something with a ready-made sole. Of course a pair of shoes ended up being the perfect solution to my problem. I found my old pair of Chuck Taylor high-tops and gave them a new job. The Chucks were perfect because of their height and the famous waffle-iron sole. No book could push them off the desk once I filled them with rocks. Also they look cool.

Newest Posters

I did these posters to try to land a job with the local university’s student society. The idea was to create a throwback to a time when a nickel actually meant something. Needless to say I didn’t get the job 🙁