How I Learned the Power of Communication Design and Art

My first encounter with communication design was when I was in grade five. I regularily wrote, illustrated and published my own comic book and circulated it throughout my friends. The comic contained short — yet very funny — stories about two fools who always died at the end of each strip. I also enjoyed creating advertisements to space out the stories.

One day my teacher discovered this little rag in the hands of a careless friend. Mrs B was particularily concerned with one advertisement showcasing the “Do-Everthing” robot. This robot would do anything — including perform sanitation duties on humans in public bathrooms — which my drawing and typography clearly illustrated. Ultimately my folks were brought in and I was scolded for the propaganda.

All lack of professionalism and potty humor aside, it was this moment in my life when I discovered the power of communication design and information. I honestly believe If we change our ways and start using this power with the right ideas — we can change things for the better.