New Posters: Influenced By Words

Words can have a profound effect on our way of thinking. If used properly, words can shift opinions and convey ideas. Writers having been sharing knowledge through the written language, song and art for thousands of years. Great books can still inspire thought and imagination thousands of years after the writers death.

I have been inspired by many great writers and wordsmiths throughout my life and I wanted to honor their knowledge by making some posters. So I’ve dedicated a wall to the literary and musical influences in my life.

New Poster – The Misanthrope.

Here’s a new poster I created for a joke. I wanted a new poster on my wall and this is the result. I love lego and I enjoy seeing them in a negative context. I’m also going to make a t-shirt exactly like the one he is wearing so I can wear it. I’m not necessarily a misanthrope but I can see where they are coming from. The text reads as follows:

Teach your children the truth about humanity. We’re nothing but a virus with shoes, but don’t let that thought get you down! Digressions, objections, delight in mockery, carefree mistrust are signs of health; Find joy in knowing there are others just like you!

You can purchase a print on my Society6 account. Follow the link after the image.

Free Font: NINJO

Ninjo was inspired by ninjas and the disco era. I wanted to create a super-funky display font that was easy to manipulate and play with. I used this opportunity to hone my skills in type design software and open-type programming, making many mistakes and corrections along the way. I am offering this display font for free, there will be a link at the end of this post. Enjoy!


Comic Sans in a Poster – An Experiment in Reverse Inspiration

In Canada, British Columbia has the lowest in government funding for the arts per-capita by a longshot compared to the other provinces. Among other things, communities that lack funding for the arts risk losing important culture, inspiration and innovation. Creativity is just as important to children as education and health. It allows for the growth of a more vibrant community that can inspire tourism and ultimately help the already weakened economy. I happen to live in the capital of British Columbia and have the chance to try and make a difference to something I am passionate about and to commit an artistic social experiment. (cue maniacal laugh)

I decided to make the worst poster I’ve ever done, one that was both uninspiring and boring — at least on the outside. I wanted to show how lack of creativity and inspiration could affect the very world around us. I believe industries depend on artists to make information palatable to the public and I wanted to portray a world where art is without value to its government. A world where art, music, writing — even something as simple as a poster, becomes bland and uninspiring.

Comic Sans Poster – An Experiment of the Uninspired.

The font Comic Sans is like kryptonite to a graphic designer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. If your goal is to portray a complete lack of inspiration you might as well use the least inspirational and most hated fonts of all time. In this case, it’s about showing what happens when British Columbia’s arts funding gets cut substantially leaving it the poorest funded province per capita in all of Canada. It leaves the artist un-inspired; thus the work un-inspiring.