Comic Sans in a Poster – An Experiment in Reverse Inspiration

In Canada, British Columbia has the lowest in government funding for the arts per-capita by a longshot compared to the other provinces. Among other things, communities that lack funding for the arts risk losing important culture, inspiration and innovation. Creativity is just as important to children as education and health. It allows for the growth of a more vibrant community that can inspire tourism and ultimately help the already weakened economy. I happen to live in the capital of British Columbia and have the chance to try and make a difference to something I am passionate about and to commit an artistic social experiment. (cue maniacal laugh)

I decided to make the worst poster I’ve ever done, one that was both uninspiring and boring — at least on the outside. I wanted to show how lack of creativity and inspiration could affect the very world around us. I believe industries depend on artists to make information palatable to the public and I wanted to portray a world where art is without value to its government. A world where art, music, writing — even something as simple as a poster, becomes bland and uninspiring.