New Poster – The Misanthrope.

Here’s a new poster I created for a joke. I wanted a new poster on my wall and this is the result. I love lego and I enjoy seeing them in a negative context. I’m also going to make a t-shirt exactly like the one he is wearing so I can wear it. I’m not necessarily a misanthrope but I can see where they are coming from. The text reads as follows:

Teach your children the truth about humanity. We’re nothing but a virus with shoes, but don’t let that thought get you down! Digressions, objections, delight in mockery, carefree mistrust are signs of health; Find joy in knowing there are others just like you!

You can purchase a print on my Society6 account. Follow the link after the image.

Applying Philosophy to Art: Friedrich Nietzsche

Digressions, objections, delight in mockery, carefree mistrust are signs of health; everything unconditional belongs in pathology.

I love this quote by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (who also sports the meanest moustache) from his book BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL. I agree with the idea that questioning everything, mistrusting authority, and delight in mockery are healthy. Without people with these attributes, who will remind the rest of society about the abuses being placed on them by others? In my opinion, this idea should be applied to art and design as well.

Humans need a reality check every once in a while and art is the best way to convey it to the masses. If you feel a message needs to be heard don’t be afraid to express it through your creations. The prize doesn’t need to be profits or website hits, it could be the betterment of society through the passing of truly meaningful knowledge.

Start Learning from the Masters #1: Massimo Vignelli

I thought I’d share this great free e-book by master-designer Massimo Vignelli. The Vignelli Canon is full of Massimo’s design ideals and theory. It shows how he structures his documents using grids and the process behind some of his creations. He also discusses the unnecessary use of different fonts and a lot about trying to create timelessness, something we should all strive for when designing.

The book is a must read for artists and designers. It’s full of great tips and hopefully will set you on the right path to becoming a better graphic designer. Only we can stop bad design.

You can download the pdf here –The Vignelli Canon


Newest Posters

I did these posters to try to land a job with the local university’s student society. The idea was to create a throwback to a time when a nickel actually meant something. Needless to say I didn’t get the job 🙁